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Fresno Bee

Wearing noise cancelling headphones, Appel drowns out the clubhouse preferred rap music solely have Christian music and sifts through Bible passages on his cellphone.

“The locker room may be an extremely toxic place for a Christian, Appel menti one d. “Can definitely the music that’s being played that enters your mind or other behaviors, You desire to protect what enters your mind.

“One of my personal favorite verses is Romans 12:2: ‘Do not conform to the ways of life, But be developed by the renewing of your mind,

Appel isn’t want you to preach, Cast judgment on others or even advertise his roscoe faith. But when ornamented in a boys will be boys, Fraternity like earths atmosphere that exists in many baseball clubhouses, Appel’s deeply religious beliefs and strict values tend to are noticed.

In certain techniques, It’s a contrast of people and ways of life, Appel confesses.

The locker room may be an extremely toxic place for a Christian.

Fresno Grizzlies glass pitcher Mark Appel

Be like one of these guys? Or be like God regularly? It’s a spiritual battle Appel refers to quite regularly, With bucks, The woman, Partying possibilities and other temptations all heightened as a pro baseball player.

“Spiritual battles are when you know spiritually exactly what you need be doing, Grizzlies chaplain Ed Crain mentioned. “The flesh, Natural wow, Truly do ungodly things,

Appel, 24, Tries among the cuss, Though he admits he’s achievement proud of things he’s yelled into his glove. He laughs when asked

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to repeat what he’s said on those rare periods.

Appel also enjoys not to party or drink, Though he’ll have a beer on special special occurrences, Like when the Grizzlies well known a Pacific Coast League Pacific Northern division title last month.

That leaves two main motivations for Appel: The Bible and soccer, Because both versions require constant practice and great discipline.

Appel believes his faith gives him the strength to handle the ups and downs of a career that’s full of high expectations and pressures.

The previous Stanford star was selected by the Grizzlies’ parent, Specific Houston Astros, As no.1 complete pick in the 2013 amateur draft and signed a $6.35 million new account bonus.

The growing season prior, Appel was probable as the top pick, Slid to positively No.8 and decreased $3.8 million the particular Pittsburgh Pirates.

Mark Appel was no. 1 overall select from the 2013 draft. But the two picks taken just after him Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant and Colorado Rockies pitcher Jon Gray already have reached the majors while Appel remains in Triple A.

Nearing the of his second full season in the minors, Appel has yet to experience big league success like Kris Bryant, No.2 overall pick in 2013 and the getting started on third baseman for the Chicago Cubs.

Appel hasn’t even accessed the majors like 2013 No.3 inclusive pick Jon Gray, Who joined the Colorado Rockies’ spinning last month.

“We all want Mark to succeed and get up to Houston, Grizzlies bullying coach Ace Adams said. “He’s got more pressure than normal on him. He feels it in some instances.

“He had a lot of success while attending school, Had plenty of cash thrown his way. He’s dealing with some high spirits,

Appel’s professional career has been a collection of highs and lows, Dominant starts associated with disastrous ones.

He’s heard the criticism and untimely claims of him being a bust.

Appel tries to his mind and pray. He says it helps him keep his focal points straight.

“I think what almost all people see in faith and sports is like it’s almost a superstition for performance, Like i will pray before my games so I can get a hit or so I can get the win, He explained. “In my closet, I might come across your relationship with the Lord. Having everything centered around your faith and your relationship with the Lord instead of it being centered around baseball,

Few doubt Appel’s gift. At 6 foot 5 and 220 fats, He yet looks the part.

His best sales review, A obliterate slider, Is major little group. He runs his fastballs up in mid to high 90 mph range. As well as a changeup, And he’s working on finding a uniform curveball.

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