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positive Steven Boone told partner he was He was just 17 and chatting with a friend about his new boyfriend while riding the 95 bus. tell me it not Steven Boone, print cards against humanity, his friend, cards against humanity card list?, Boone former roommate, said. can have sex with him he HIV positive and has STDs up the wall. heart dropped, the 20 year old student tearfully recalled at the trial of the man accused of trying to kill him by infecting him with HIV. Confronted, Boone denied it then turned apologetic and finally, vicious, texting going down, kid. April, the teen discovered he was indeed HIV positive. He felt hadn even turned 18, I was still in high school, he recalled. still had so much I wanted to do. It felt like it was just taken away because I had a lapse in judgment and decided to trust somebody. decided the right thing to do was to go to police. you do something like this you are no longer human, Cards Against Humanity, he said. A prosecutor alleged in her opening address the Crown can prove Boone infected the young man although he admitted he had sex with five other men after Boone, one without a condom. Boone, 30, white cards against humanity, is charged with attempted murder and administering a noxious substance HIV to three men. He also charged with aggravated sexual assault against two of the men and three others. The Crown alleges Boone, who has pleaded not guilty, exposed his sex partners to a possibility of infection with a fatal disease during sex from December 2009 to April 2010. Two other men testified Wednesday to hooking up with Boone after meeting him online. A 25 year old man said he had mutual oral sex in a car with Boone, who said he was He was contacted by police after Boone arrest in May 2010 and told to get tested. cards against humanity cards list zz ayp me

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