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YouTube Making More People Rich

“We have thousands of people, now, making six figure incomes,” says Bing Chen, one of the managers of YouTube’s Partner Program, which helps amateur video makers become prosporous. “It’s enough for them to create a sustainable business.”

A year cheap fake oakley sunglasses ago, Chen says, the number of people was just a few hundred.

Income earned by YouTube partners, he wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses says, has doubled every year for the past four years. And all kinds of people are cashing in Pilates instructors, musicians, dog trainers, comedians, chefs and cosmeticians.

He cites as a prime example Michelle Phan, 25, oakleys sunglasses whose videos instruct women how to shop for and use cosmetics. While Phan was still an art school student, Chen says, she began uploading videos as a hobby. Today she has more than two million YouTube subscribers. Her videos have earned 624 million views.

Not only is she making money, she has become, says Chen , “a global brand the premier destination for makeup tutorials.” Cosmetics company Lancome has hired her as its official “video makeup artist.”

YouTube’s partners make money several ways, says Chen.

Once their following grows above a certain threshold (the number differs according to each partner, Chen says), they start to get a percentage of the revenue YouTube owner Google gets from selling ads to run beside the partner’s video.

Eric Letendre, The Amazing Dog Training Man, makes videos on such topics as “shedding” and “secrets of leash walking” that have earned fake oakleys cheap 9.2 million views. He gets $300 to $500 a month, he says, from ads that Google sells. But he makes “a lot more” by using his YouTube channel to sell his books and services.

Blogilates, the channel for fitness and Pilates instructor Cassey Ho (16 million views), has an e commerce feature through which she sells her own line of Pilates clothes and gym bags. The revenue she gets from Google’s ads, she says, varies depending on the number of views and cheap wholesale oakleys the number of followers she attracts. Is Ho making a six figure income? “Oh, absolutely,” Ho says. “Sometimes I can’t believe it!”

Not every YouTube partner views ad income and product sales as the measure of oakley sunglasses discount success. Actors Kim Robillard and Lorna Scott post spoofs of movie reviews, impersonating a hillbilly couple named the Ricketts. With only 33 subscribers and only 3,600 views, they haven’t yet crossed the threshold above which they would start to get a cut of Google’s advertising. They make their videos in hopes that somebody in Hollywood will see their work and offer them, say, a full fledged TV show. What Schwab’s Drug Store once was for actors in the ’30s (a place to be cheap oakley sunglasses ‘discovered’), YouTube is for them today.

“The great thing about YouTube,” says Robillard, “is there isn’t any cheap wholesale oakleys gatekeeper. There isn’t any conference room full of executives deciding if your video is worthy.”Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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